10 Things To Watch On Signing Day

Signing Day is a bit of a holiday for us here at Pypeline. Here are ten things we are keeping an eye out for.

1. Did the early December signing day ruin the “OG” signing day?

This is the first time in history that the majority of the top recruits are officially off the board. It will be interesting to see if there will still be the nonstop action that made this day so much fun in the past.

2. Which one of the new SEC coaches will have the best signing day?

Jeremy Pruitt. Dan Mullen. Jimbo Fisher. Joe Moorhead. Chad Morris. It was a busy offseason in the SEC.

3. Which school will have the strongest finish on signing day?

There is also one school that has a flurry of action towards the end of the day.

4. Who will be the biggest flip?

This is what makes this day so much fun. There is ALWAYS a top recruit to change his mind and make us say “WOW.”

5. Which signing day was better?

December vs February, a rivalry unlike any other.

6. Which recruit had the best announcement?

Creativity is at its all-time high on signing day. We are excited to rank the best announcements.

7. How many coaches will publicly blame the early signing day for their lack of success?

It is inevitable.

8. Will Jimbo Fisher actually sign a recruit?

Tough start for Jimbo and Co.

9. Will Tennessee fans begin the coaching search again if Jeremy Pruitt doesn’t sign a big name?

It is inevitable.

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10. Is Butch Jones recruiting against Tennessee for pure sport?

Boredom can make a man do crazy things.