2020 National Championship – LSU vs. Clemson

#3 Clemson vs #1LSU

We have reached the end of the 2019 college football season and what better way to end it than with two of the best two teams battling for the National Championship. Clemson came into the playoff as an unknown giant but quickly showed (again) that they can beat anybody. LSU had a little easier road in the playoff as they played Oklahoma in the first round. While Clemson had to deal with the Buckeyes. The LSU Tigers are essentially a home team as the game is played in New Orleans which serves them well. The 1 and 3 seed have never won the CFP so this year’s winner will be the first.

Clemson DC Brent Venables will have the Tiger defense ready come Monday. (Photo by USATODAY)

LSU comes into this game with the #3 scoring offense and #27 scoring defense while Clemson is #4 on offense and #1 on defense. This should be a good game but with the offenses being so similar, the better defense will determine the outcome of this game. Clemson is top 10 in just about every defensive category available. They are #1 in efficiency, scoring, and yards allowed. No one has been able to put up points on Brett Venable’s defense this year and multiple teams have slowed LSU’s one sided offense down. I don’t see a situation where LSU can hold Clemson under 40 points and I have a hard time seeing LSU score that much come Monday night. To give Clemson 6 points of a safety net is absolutely absurd. This team is 69-4 over the last 5 seasons while currently winning 29 straight. Give them +6 in their last 73 games and they are 72-1 ATS. I think Clemson not only covers the spread but also wins this game. (Clemson +6)