47 days until college football returns

There are 47 days until college football returns. Today we remember 47 wins in a row by the Oklahoma Sooners, the all-time record for consecutive wins.

From 1953-1957, the Oklahoma Sooners did not lose nor tie. All they did was win, win, win, win, win. For an NCAA record 47 games in a row. They surpassed the previous record of 40 games by the Washington Huskies from 1908-1914.  (Note – the Huskies do hold the longest unbeaten streak at 64 games, 60-0-4.)

Led by head coach Bud Wilkinson during that span, the Sooners claimed two National Titles. Their streak was ultimately ended by Notre Dame. After losing by 40-0 they year before in South Bend, the Fighting Irish went into Norman and upset the Sooners 7-0. The streak was over. However, Oklahoma made their mark in the history book, setting a record that will probably never be broken.