66 days until college football returns

There are only 66 days left until the start of the college football season. In celebration, we remember the ’66 college football season. This season was interesting for many different reasons. This year became known as the Year of the Tie because there was a 10-10 finish between the Top 2 teams in the nation – Michigan State and Notre Dame. Both teams claimed a share of the national title that year.

Although both of these teams were eventually crowned “National Champions,” neither team actually played in a bowl game. Alabama finished the season with an unblemished record, but somehow found themselves at #3 in the final polls. The Crimson Tide also won the Sugar Bowl in dominant fashion. The Heisman winner of this season happened to be the Ol’ Ball Coach. That’s right! Florida QB Steve Spurrier took home the prestigious award.

Another thing that we found interesting was the implementation of several new rules. Before this season teams were allowed to “pyramid” their players in an attempt to block field goals. “Pyramiding” players consisted of standing on top of each other to make themselves as tall as possible. That seems like something out of a cartoon. Also, the ’66 season was when the jersey numbering system was implemented for offensive lineman making them wear numbers 50-79. Check back tomorrow to see what is next on the Countdown to College Football!