73 days until college football returns

There are only 73 days left until the return of college football. To celebrate day 73 we are going to take a look at an incredible play from Nebraska @ Minnesota matchup from 2017. Minnesota QB Demry Croft keeps it on the option play, makes one man miss, and was off to the races. Croft goes 73-yards untouched to the house.

Demry Croft finished the game with 3 TD’s and 183 yards on just 10 carries. As a result, Minnesota went on to beat Nebraska by a total score of 54-21. Unfortunately neither team ended the season with bowl eligibility. However, this game was a great showing of what a PJ Fleck coached team was capable of. So things are certainly moving forward for the Gophers. Nebraska has since brought in a new Head Coach of their own in Scott Frost, and they hope that the tide will turn for them as well.