80 days until college football returns

(Photo by SI)

There are 80 days until college football returns. Today we look back at the ’80 champs, the Georgia Bulldogs.

Led by the incomparable freshman Herschel Walker, the 1980 Georgia Bulldogs were a team to be reckoned with. Walker started out the year as a 2nd string RB, but that changed in the very first game of the year. Down 15-2 at Tennessee in the 3rd quarter, Walker TRUCK STICKED the Vols’ Bill Bates on his way to the end zone. That turned the tide in the game, and the Dawgs went on to win 16-15.

That win springboarded their season. They would run the gauntlet in the SEC, going undefeated in conference play (6-0). That included wins over #14 South Carolina and #20 Florida. They finished off the year by beating #7 Notre Dame 17-10 in the Sugar Bowl. That win capped off a perfect 12-0 year, and gave Georgia their 6th National Championship.

PS – How about when going undefeated in conference play meant going 6-0? With no conference championship game either. Oh how times have changed.