82 days until college football returns

With only 82 days left until the return of college football, we take a look at the most memorable play of all time. It was back in the ’82 season when college football nation witnessed “The Play.” You might not remember any of the players that participated in the Cal vs. Stanford matchup, outside of John Elway and a few others. However you certainly know what I mean when I say, “The band is on the field!”

Stanford kicked a field goal with just 4 seconds left on the clock to take the lead 20-19. Apparently, 4 seconds was all the Cal Bears needed. The Bears lateraled the ball 5 times until they found Kevin Moen, who was able to take it to the end zone, making the final score 25-20 in favor of Cal. Although the path was clear of defenders, it was not clear of Stanford band members. Which was unfortunate for one band member in particular, trombone player Gary Tyrrell, as Moen plowed into him as he celebrated the game-winning score. What made this play even more special was the announcing of Joe Starkey. Starkey quickly became a fan just like us when he finally realized what had transpired. This one is for you, Joe!