84 days until college football returns

There are only 84 days left until the return of college football. Today we celebrate by remembering the ’84 heisman winner, Doug Flutie. Not only did Flutie have one of the most memorable careers, he also had one of the most iconic plays in college football history.

The score was 45-41. Boston College was trailing the defending national champions, the Miami Hurricanes. With time for only one play left, Doug Flutie completed a pass to Gerard Phelan to secure the victory 47-45. This signature play has been dubbed as the “Hail Flutie.” It also secured him the Heisman trophy.

Although that incredible play is definitely the most memorable in the historic career of Doug Flutie, it certainly isn’t the only one. Over the course of his career, Flutie had over 10,000 passing yards and 70 passing TDs. He also added 7 TD’s on the ground. Come back tomorrow to see who makes our list for the countdown to college football.