A Bid Farewell to Chip Kelly – PAC 12 Rant


Remember when “Big Balls” Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks made it to a National Championship game? Do you remember how they followed that gut-punch of a loss by actually winning the Rose Bowl the very next year? Then dominating the Fiesta Bowl, the year after that? Do you remember when Chip Kelly’s blur, no-huddle offense drew praise for being dynamic, innovative, and in some circles, was even called ingenious?!

Yeah, I almost didn’t remember either. That’s because Chip Kelly has spent this year, and the 2nd half of his NFL career before it, doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HE CAN to make you forget his success.

Once upon a time…
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Need I remind you, once upon a time, Chip Kelly orchestrated a 46-7 record during his 4-year coaching stint at Oregon. As head coach, he helped the team bring home 3 conference titles, 2 bowl game wins, and a trip to the National Championship. That’s getting harder and harder to imagine as Chip Kelly, now punching bag head coach of UCLA, is winless through the first 4 weeks. WINLESS. He has more than half the loss-total through the first quarter of a season than he did in 4 full years at Oregon— and everyone is watching. If you include his record during his final year of coaching in the NFL, Chip Kelly is 2-18 over his last 20 games.

Friday night’s PAC 12 Match-up against Colorado didn’t leave us with the feeling that things will improve in Pasadena. Three consecutive field goals, followed by 3 consecutive 3-and-outs, exposed a lack of offensive rhythm for the Bruins and opened the door for the Buffs to control the ball game, and eventually get the win. With Washington and Cal on deck, Chip Kelly can only hope for a miracle to turn things around. However, having endured these 4 crushing defeats, I realized it’s time to let go of the idea of what Chip once was…

My Farewell to “Big Balls” Chip


As a Ducks fan, I have to admit, I was little chapped when I heard the news that you denied any chance of an Oregon return. Rumor had it you were the Florida Gators’ new messiah, and I was okay with that. Because I thought it would be exciting to see what wizardry your coaching could bring back to college football. When you left Oregon to coach the NFL, I still rooted for you. I respected you and everything you did for the Ducks. We shared Joy and Heartbreak.

When your NFL career didn’t go as planned, I defended you in tailgate circles, at game day parties, and was sad to see you were eventually let go. But when you accepted the Head Coaching job at UCLA, it felt different. I felt different. It felt like you turned your back on your brothers by playing for the neighbor’s team, instead of with your own flesh and blood. As the season progresses, and the critics grow louder, your once unbeatable presence is nearly forgotten. You have become a shell of the unshakeable man you once were.

Chip, I can’t respect what you have become. Since we no longer bleed the same colors, I must bid you farewell. You’re a Bruin now. But in bidding you farewell, I beg you not to mask the good times with bad ones. You have a chance to remind everyone why you were successful in the first place. Don’t B-ruin it.