Alabama nabs top ranked punter Skyler DeLong from Tennessee

Because head coach Nick Saban and Alabama never leave any stone unturned, the Tide flipped Skyler DeLong, the top-ranked punter in the nation, from Tennessee. After all, punters are people, too.

Current Tide punter big-legged JK Scott will be graduating after this year, leaving a spot open- a spot they just filled with Skyler DeLong. (Side note- Vegas took the o/u of puns made with DeLong’s name and the corresponding length of punts off the board. Too much action.) While signing the top ranked punter might not be as sexy as signing the top ranked D-lineman or running back, Nick Saban knows where his bread is buttered- the Crimson Tide defense. And if they have a punter that can switch field position and you are constantly having to drive 85+ yards into the teeth of the Tide defense to score, well, not to go all South Park meme on you, but you’re going to have a bad time.

So once again, Alabama gets their man. All while simultaneously weakening a conference foe. Tennessee fans are probably pretty annoyed. However, they could all channel the attitude of Vols fan Palchez, when he said, “Couldn’t care less. Punter U just reloads baby.”

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