Are tiny cracks in Duke’s armor starting to appear?

during their game at the Dean Smith Center on February 8, 2012 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

After missing out on Kevin Knox, Duke has offered four-star F Jordan Tucker.

While it’s good for the Blue Devils to quickly move on, as recruiting waits for no man/team, and Jordan Tucker certainly is a talented player that could thrive at Duke, it does beg the question: is Duke starting to slip? Are cracks in their armor beginning to appear?

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Calm down, get a hold of yourself! They are still very much in play for both Mo Bamba and Trevon Duval. And they are Duke. And they still have Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who despite being 70(!) years old, still has the hair of a man a tenth his age (ok, so math wasn’t our strong suit. But you get the point). However, while Kevin Knox may not have been a slam dunk, it seemed at worst a power layup for the Blue Devils. This all comes on the heels of Duke scrambling to snag a recruit who was considering Eastern Kentucky(!) over Mercer(!!). All very un-Duke-esque.

Now, they find themselves coming off an up and down season with an extremely disappointing second round exit, all while their arch rival Tar Heels cut the nets down. That is the backdrop for the Blue Devils, as they watch Kentucky vacuuming up every seemingly every top recruit in the nation. So while the end isn’t nigh, perhaps it’s at least somewhat more visible than it’s ever been.

PS- drop whatever you’re doing, and fly to Vegas and put your entire life savings on Duke to win it all. There is NO WAY that after us writing this article they don’t win it all next year. That’s Jinx 101.

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