Boston College and the No-Good Very Bad Day.

BC farts up a game against FSU.

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The Boston College Eagles pissed away a winnable game last Saturday in Tallahassee, losing to a 4-6 Florida State team that gave them every chance to win.

Two interceptions by Anthony Brown and a missed FG by Colton Lichtenberg evaporated a great start from the defense, which would end up blocking a field goal and notching two interceptions.  The Eagles would head into halftime with a tenuous 7-6 lead.

In the second half, however, the Eagles came alive.  They willed themselves to a 21-13 lead, with Brown really turning it on with some darts to his TEs and rekindling his favorite connection – WR Kobay White, who went off for 120+ yards.

Staring at a 4th and 1 with victory a yard away, Addazio turned back into a pumpkin and chose to take a timeout, then a penalty, then a punt.  The decision went poorly.  Tamarrion Terry indeed gave us nightmares this week, taking a bomb to the house against BC’s aggressive defense.

Left with no timeouts, Boston College couldn’t move the ball properly, with some nice throws by Brown falling out of the hands of his receivers.

There are so many other issues from this game.  AJ Dillon usage.  Offensive line push.  First-half playcalling. Clock management.  It was just a poor showing and the blame can really only be placed on one man’s shoulders.

Moving Forward

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Seriously how do we move forward at this point?  BC hosts Syracuse this week in a matchup to decide who is the shiniest turd in the ACC Atlantic.  A full game preview will come later this week, but for now lets collectively sulk.

Boston College Football faces questions that seemed unfathomable 3 weeks ago.  Steve Addazio brought the program back from the doldrums, a feat I didn’t think possible given the Spaz years.  College Gameday, AP and CFP rankings, this year has had it all.  Including a boatload of Addazio miscues.

I don’t know if BC could ask for much more from its Head Coach when it comes to recruiting, motivating, and professionalism than it gets from Daz.  He taps directly into the mentality necessary to succeed at BC, and does a truly remarkable job at developing low-regarded talent into All-ACC players.  The in-game management and coaching miscues, however, are tough to overcome.

Steve’s legacy is on the line the next two games, though I fear that legacy has already been written.  If he wins one of the next two games, I believe he stays.  I don’t know if he should even if he wins both.

I’ll analyze this in between Syracuse and the Arm&Hammer “Smell Great” Taquito Bowl that BC ends up attending (or maybe they’ll go to Nashville, which would be nice), but this team is at a crossroads, with an almost-definite down year coming in 2019, with the potential for another run in 2020.  The next two games allow us to take a good, hard, look at our coach.  They may also require us to move on from him.