Boston College at Rutgers – Game Preview

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Hubris is fickle.  That game killed me.  You’re all going to get a D- out of me this week because this team literally sucks the life out of me.  BC Lost.  They should win this week.  Hopefully, the Kansas game is more 2018 Purdue and less 2015 Duke.

Anyway, Rutgers is another terrible team.  They are playing for Chris Ash’s job. I can’t bet on the game.  Joy is futile and life is a curse.  Onto the preview.

Ruminations and Considerations

Fire Steve Addazio.  Hire Anthony Campanile.

Game Preview

When the Eagles Have the Ball

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Run the fucking ball.  Give it to AJD more than five times in the second half.  Run play action.  Complete easy passes.  Just play like we know you can.  Stop hurting me with poor execution.

When Rutgers Has the Ball

Rutgers RB Raheem Blacksheer has been a standout for the Scarlet Knights – (via 11W)

Fire Bill Sheridan.  I saw enough of his Defense as a Giants fan to know that he can’t scheme his way out of a parking lot let alone craft something up for Power 5 play.  Maybe, just maybe, cover open receivers.  Maybe, just maybe, craft up enough blitzes so that we actually get a pass rush.

The Gameplan

Drink heavily.  Rutgers sells beer in the stadium!

THE BABA YAGA – Steve Addazio

Every week I try to identify the player who will be BC’s “boogeyman” for that particular game – not necessarily the other team’s best player, but the player who gives BC fits and causes us to lose sleep at night for how they beat us.   2018 Baba Yagas included Tamarrion Terry (I hate that I was right, kill me now) and Eric Dungey (lol, we kept Daz after that game).

I may just rename this section of the blog “Daza Yaga.”  He is our bogey man.  He is the one who knocks.  Keeps us up at night.  He loses us games we should win.  He is stubborn.  Hard headed.  He is a solid recruiter, but constantly gets outclassed in games we have no business losing.  We will lose this game if he farts up like he did last week.

Final Thoughts

If we lose this game, fire Daz on the Parkway.  I am furious that he deprived me of the opportunity to see this team in person with potential AP Top 25 implications.  He also deprived all of you, dear readers, of a full column of NJ jokes and innuendo as it is my home state which I love very much.  Tweet me because I’ll be tailgating in the Scarlet West lot.

Eagles over Knights, 28 – 10