Crimson Tide and Patriots are combining their superpowers… World destruction can’t be far off

In news that will excite approximately 0.00% of people outside their fanbase, Alabama has decided that they aren’t quite dominant enough. Harnessing the connections of their first year OC and former New England Patriots coach Brian Daboll, the Crimson Tide’s quarterback Jalen Hurts is now getting pointers from the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady:

“We’re running some of the same stuff they’ve ran, so he’ll call Tom Brady and ask him what his top five plays are,” Hurts said. “It’s cool because we’re running the same plays he’s ran.”

Now, all that’s left is for Alabama to win the next 10 National Titles in a row, before the sun explodes and kills us all. But hey, we’ll always have Paris that time we thought that we found a quarter at the gas station, only it turned out to be old chewing gum, but we still chewed it anyway just to save face so we didn’t look dumb for getting fooled.

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