Epic of the B1G Book 2: Consistency at Dawn

Book 1: The Waking of Chaos 
Book 2:
Consistency At Dawn


When Dawn with her rose-red fingers shown once more
And students put down their glasses and picked up their books
Immortal Northwestern remained last on the field, champion of Thursday,

She spoke thusly,
“Hear me, Immortals B1Gs.
Hear me, unlistening public,
Hear me media, whom I educated.
I claim the first trophy, I laid low undying Purdue,
Chaos, bless her name, crowned me her Champion,
Upon the blessing of Consistency, I won possession,
Dark Horse call me not, for who among Power 5
Can claim longer winning streak?
None. My favored, Pat Fitzgerald,
Stretched his win streak to 9, the best by far
All won against the well regarded Power 5,
Who among you knows This Side of Paradise?”

Now the goddess Dawn climbed up the heights of Bascom,
Declaring the light of a new season
Upon the restless powers in the North,
Old storied Goldie and rejuvenated Bucky looked on,
Past exalted Goldie sat ponderously on his broken chair

Turning it over in his mind…
‘Once I knew that Paradise, Once I knew far greater.
How to return? How to score more points?
How to hold steadfast the line?
I have been patiently impatient enough,
Now is the time to row.’
As his spirit churned, at last one plan seemed best.
He would adopt new psychology.
Spinning up the new plan
Goldie sent new Inspiration to his favored one.

“Did you see Bucky? My favored one
P.J., Rower of boats, named true born freshmen Annexstad
Leader of his crew, We rowed over the Aggies,
Rodney Smith rowed 153 yards,
Ty Johnson rowed 100 more,
Baker Mayfield, planter of flags, shared his secrets.
The Annexation of Columbus is a go.”

Brooding Bucky rose,
Bull like in build and attitude,
His mind grappled with his bullish thoughts…
‘It is not right. Why should Chaos, daughter of Fate,
Choose, purpled Northwestern, as her champion?
Have I not paid my due? Have I not built myself up
From bottom feeder to power? Who better than I
To truly bring Chaos? Unheralded walk-ons
I brought to biggest stages.
Unsexy, Unappreciated, Unadorned
yet with Championship of National kind
I challenge the powers that be.
I challenge recruiting rankings and
Regional Bias. I upset the apple cart.’
With mind so occupied Bucky spoke,
“Wrong Aggies.”

So the North spoke but not Sparty,
Locked on the wrong side of the Lake
The Conjurer found himself at a loss
Of his dark powers,
The other wrong Aggies were favored
By the beloved Chaos, leading the Spartans
31-30 deep into the night, rains far away.
Here Mark Dantonio prayed to ruling Fate on high  

“Grant me Fate, my destiny. Feed us what
We deserve and we shall trust your judgement
Hear me Chaos, Long have I served as your agent,
deliver us from the is day so we might serve you
Once more on grander scale.
Consistency, Brother of Chaos and child of Fate
Reward us for our scale, our name, and our brand.
Favor us over these cupcakes
And we shall pour libations out in your honor.”

With these words spoke both children of Fate
Blessed Sparty, who in turn granted his champions Favor,
To honor Consistency Mark Dantonio hammered
Running backs into the line on first and second
For little to no gain.
To honor Chaos Mark Dantonio asked
Quarterback and Receiver to perform circus acts
On the third and long
To great success.
Consistency rewarded the Dark one first,
Upholding the traditional option,
First right, then left, then right again.
Consistency freed L.J. Scott for the go ahead score.
Next Chaos rewarded the Dark one,
Love abandoned the ball cast into the line,
Up bounced ball end over end,
Here Destiny heeding its children, And let
Ball fall into the waiting arms of Green clad B1G men.