Five Star Jonathan Kuminga Commits to G League

The G League has added another elite high school talent. Five star Jonathan Kuminga has committed to the G League and he will not play college basketball. He chose the G League over Texas Tech, Auburn, Kentucky, and Duke.

Jonathan Kuminga is a 6’8″ forward who can score with ease. He is an amazing athlete who can guard multiple positions. At the beginning of his recruitment, Duke was the HEAVY favorite to land Kuminga’s services. Kentucky was also in the picture during that time. In the month of April, Auburn seemed to pick up some steam in his recruitment as well. On May 22nd, he announced his final five options which included Auburn, Texas Tech, Duke, Kentucky, and the G League. After the announcement, Texas Tech and the G League were gaining all the talk in his recruitment. Joel Ntambwe, Kuminga’s brother, is currently on the roster at Texas Tech. Texas Tech would have likely been the destination if Kuminga had gone the college route. Ultimately, he decided to skip college and join the G League.

Kuminga will not be alone this upcoming year in the G League. He will join fellow five stars Jalen Green, Isaiah Todd, Daishen Nix and four star Kai Sotto. The new G League team will be located in Southern California. This new team is bringing in a slew of talent next season and they will be very interesting to watch next season.