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Posted By Wyatt Huff 4 months ago

Kentucky falls to Georgia. What's up with the offense?

The Cats fall to Georgia today 3-14 I thought that the offense was really bad and slow. We got nothing going. Giving it to Rodriguez actually worked for a bit. The runs and screen plays are the only thing that we run. Again, Eddie Gran needs to open up his playbook more. That's why our offense struggles. Our players can't keep running the same things Eddie calls the whole game. It was Georgia so losing this wasn't a surprise but the defense kept giving the offense chances but nothing was happening for the offense. I also feel sorry for the WR's because I can't remember more than 7 forward pass plays in the game. We did have a few injuries during the game, but that was on the defense. We need the offensive game plan to improve. We need to run more plays. In this game. We needed more passes down field. We do the same stuff that gets us nowhere. Do the things that work. Not the same stuff over and over and keep losing. Cats lose to the Dawgs today, but that was Georgia. After the Bye Week, this offense needs some adjustments. I'll just say this, if I don't see any real improvement in the offense i wouldn't be surprised if Eddie Gran gets fired after the season. A SEC Now Co-host after the game: "You can't win showing that kind of game plan moving forward."

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