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Posted By Wyatt Huff 3 months ago

Kentucky gets demolished by Alabama

The Cats get killed by Alabama 3-63 Postgame thoughts: I never thought we we're going to win, because it's Alabama, but we could've had a better chance if we didn't keep shooting ourselves in the foot with the dumb mistakes. Also there were a few missed penalties on Alabama that the refs missed. We could've scored more in the game but we chose to make really stupid mistakes. Especially special teams had some disasters, and also Terry's fumble on a snap. Also the defense had a misunderstanding on a play where Bama ran it in for a TD, we left a hole wide open. Again, it was Alabama but we could've done better, and it's the stupid mistakes that we caused ourselves. All this game was, it was a bunch of missed opportunities that we costed ourselves. I didn't expect a win, but i at least expected a cleaner game, and less missed snaps and mistakes.

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