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Posted By Wyatt Huff 3 months ago

Dan Dakich takes a shot at Coach Cal

Today during the Bad Boy Mowers Classic Championship game between West Virginia and Western Kentucky, responding to him saying Kentucky's non-conference schedule is really tough: "Oh. Stop it (Cal)" Right after saying this, he took a shot at Calipari saying he "always makes it about him". In my opinion, I do think Cal overreacted to our schedule this year, but the last thing Calipari is, is selfish and NOT about the players. He stresses all the time, he coaches for "them" (the players). So, Mr. Dakich, who are you to call someone who helps his players succeed on the court and in life that he is not about the players? Take a listen to what Dan said: https://twitter.com/KySportsRadio/status/1332402726228135936?s=09

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Avatar of Sunil

3 months ago

LOL that seems like a personal vendetta by Dakich on Cal

Avatar of Wyatt Huff

Wyatt Huff
3 months ago

He has a history of doing this. Also while we're at it, if you want to know about making it "all about himself", go check Dan's Twitter. He has a picture of his face on all 4 faces on the Mount Rushmore and it was "coincidentally" right after he said that stuff about Cal 😂😂