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Posted By Wyatt Huff 3 months ago

FINAL: Kentucky falls to Florida 10-34

The Cats lose to Florida today 10-34 Postgame thoughts: The start of the game set the tone because we're so unlucky this year when converting in the red zone. We ended up getting sacked a few times and had to punt. We also couldn't do anything about Florida's offense because they have a 2 of the best in the country, Kyle Trask and Kyle Pitts. We had no answer for them, but as unlucky we are, we had them stopped on one drive until the fake punted on 4th down and converted, which then ended up in a TD for them. DeAndre Square had recovered a fumble from Florida which got us to a TD that was really needed. I thought the run was good for us, Smoke had some explosive runs. Converting in the red zone is rough with this team but when it happens it feels great. The passing game was really disappointing, not getting much yards and throwing a few Interceptions.

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