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Posted By Wyatt Huff 3 months ago

Kentucky loses to Richmond

Kentucky loses to Richmond 64-76 Postgame thoughts: We played great in transition, the energy was great especially from Cam Fletcher, which he'll do all year. When BJ Boston had a difficult shot, i love how he always adjust his body to make it. Our energy was great. The only bad thing was free throws and some dumb fouls. I thought Sarr had a really great game in the first half, destroying Grant Golden. He showed how great his footwork is. I did notice that we did get out of control in the fast break some. free throws were bad again and the offense was struggling today. The 2nd half we couldn't do anything. Offense really needs to get better before we play Kansas on Tuesday. Defense usually is great but when it's not we need Offense and we couldn't get any. Player of the game: BJ Boston Check out the game stats: https://ukathletics.com/sidearmstats/mbball/summary;team=away

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Avatar of Jason

3 months ago

That was quite the surprise. Kentucky was 7-pt favs. But it’s very early in the year. Now’s the time to get those losses out of the way.