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Posted By Wyatt Huff 3 months ago

Kentucky loses to Kansas 65-62

The Cats lost to Kansas 65-62. Once again the thing that hurt us was our offensive struggles. We cannot get anything going, no rythym, and can't create any shots and spacing is bad. That is something that needs to get better. We can't win without better offensive performances. The fact that we were still in the game was a blessing because Kansas didn't have a good game either, but they converted when they needed too. Defense was super great in the first half. So many blocks and rebounds. But in the second half, Kansas started to score, not great, but they got buckets when they needed too and that's why they won. We have to get our offense going, fast. Player of the game: Isaiah Jackson Check out the game stats: https://ukathletics.com/documents/2020/12/2/UK_KU_Box_Score.PDF

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Avatar of Sunil

2 months ago

Tough game, but you gotta love these early season matchups. They have to really help later on in the season