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Posted By Wyatt Huff 2 months ago

Kentucky loses to North Carolina

The Cats lose to North Carolina today 75-63. Foul trouble was the huge issue but also free throws. We had 4 guys foul out: Terrence Clarke, Isaiah Jackson, Olivier Sarr, Lance Ware. We played the last 5 minutes with no rebounding capable guys with Toppin as our Center. Yes these 2 things is why we lost. UNC also had foul trouble but no one fouled out. 2 teams with similar issues but one team had no one foul out it was UNC. We really needed this win. Player of the game: Davion Mintz

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Avatar of Mike

2 months ago

Kentucky started out wanting it more.

Avatar of Jason

2 months ago

Worst start for the Wildcats since 1926. 😳