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Posted By Wyatt Huff 2 months ago

More information on the Cam Fletcher stuff.

Coach Cal says him, Cam, and his mom agreed taking time off was the best thing for him to do: “We have asked Cam Fletcher to take some time and step away from the team, ...He needs to reflect and do some soul searching to get his priorities in order. Any attitude or actions that are detrimental to this team will not be tolerated – and that goes for everyone on the team.” "His mom and I talked about it, we’re both on point. We want Cam to succeed, but he’s got to change. Our culture is not changing. our culture drives guys to do more than they think they can do. They’re held to a standard that’s beyond what they’ve ever been held to. They’re taught about respecting everyone, not just staff, everyone. This culture is not changing, it helps change you.” "This is the best thing for him. It wasn’t one thing, it wasn’t one thing on the bench, this is a culmination of things where he needed to change and he wasn’t changing. This is what Cam needed.” When will Cam return to the team? My hope is, he’s going to be out, away from us a little bit and he rejoins us, but it’ll be not on his terms,” Calipari said. “His mom and I talked again tonight, great lady, and she knows, like “OK, he’s got to do this right.” And I think Cam will. … I do think he’ll be back. Unless he’s not accepting what this is here. It holds everybody to a high standard." "Cam will learn from it, ....this is the best thing for him. I said it to the whole team, this isn’t for everybody. This culture is not changing, but it can help change you. How you deal with things, your actions, your attitude, how you respond to adversity, how you respond to not playing. Are you ready for your opportunity?” I do think he'll be back although I don't know when but we'll see. The big thing is to get the chemistry back and everyone on the same page. Let's hope ALL the on/off court issues get solved fast, we don't have much time. Resume wins are running low, too.

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