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Posted By Wyatt Huff 2 months ago

Postgame notes and quotes after loss to Louisville

Coach Cal says it was a mistake to play Terrence Clarke today, says he was at 80% with the same injury Ashton Hagans had last year. *This tells me even more that Dontaie Allen should've got minutes today. Coach Cal called the Olivier Sarr miss "buzzard luck", after the shot went "in and out". Coach Cal: "I told Dontaie today, 'Be ready for your chance.'" Said he would've played him if Clarke hadn't been able to go. "He's going to have a chance. It just wasn't tonight. I coached the game to win." To me, this quote is not good. Just think about what he said about Clarke, and then said this about Allen. Coach Cal on role players stepping up, players we *thought were stars and are not: “Say that second statement again. There you go. That’s the statement. Probably they also felt that way too. Now all of a sudden, you get punched in the mouth and you start tasting blood, how do you react?” Coach Cal on if Mintz should've got the last shot: "Would I have liked for Mintz to shoot it? Yeah, but that’s not what Louisville did". Davion Mintz spoke on this too, saying he should've been more "assertive" Davion Mintz on Olivier Sarr's struggles: “He’s working really hard. Olivier is really trying. It can be a lot of pressure at the moment. But Olivier is a great player. He’s going to figure it out. We’ve just got to find a way to keep him involved in our offense.” Davion also had praise for Jacob Toppin after the game: "Insane. He didn't even look like the same person". Davion on Terrence Clarke: “Terrence Clarke is battling. His body is really in pain. He is going out there and trying his hardest.” My takes I have after this game is I want to see Dontaie Allen get playing time and we need BJ, Terrence, and Sarr to step up with the ones who did good today. Now, I want to talk about how Kentucky can still make the NCAA Tournament. Kentucky wouod probably have to go with a max of 4 conference losses and a win against Texas. So basically, we can't lose more than 3 to be safe, and that's just to get into the tournament. Things are getting rough.

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