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Posted By Wyatt Huff 1 month ago

Kentucky gets a win against Vanderbilt

The Cats win against Vandy 77-74!!!! Sarr getting early foul trouble in the 1st half hurt us on defense and it also wasn't helping we couldn't adapt to Scottie Pippen Jr driving to the basket which drew defenders to him and he was able to kick it out to 3. The offense was struggling in the 1st half especially with the lineup with Toppin, Ware, and Jackson together. It's clear it's good to have Dontaie Allen playing more because he draws attention on offense which does at least help us with spacing. Vandy always has deadly shooting teams and when they have a good slasher to distract from them it makes it more hard but you have to be willing to close out and play tight on those shooters and not be so attractedto the driving player like Pippen. While our offense wasn't efficient in the 1st half, great game from Olivier Sarr despite him and a few others with early foul trouble. While Dontaie Allen didn't do much from 3 he drew attention which helped us, when he hits them, it's amazing feeling. Something I didn't notice until now was the 0 turnover in 1 half that's really interesting. Loved the lineup to start the second half. Mintz, Askew and Allen together. Was a close game but we got the win! Player of the game: Olivier Sarr

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