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Posted By Wyatt Huff 1 month ago

Kentucky loses to Auburn

The Cats lose to Auburn today 66-59. Game started slow for both, then we had a couple minute stretch of a 7-0 run to make it 9-2 at one point in the 1st half. Then Auburn started getting alot of offensive rebounds that kept them close with them Even with our big lineup we couldn't rebound. Offense was ok because we were scrappy getting the ball. Sloppy bad game for both teams in the 1st half. Loved the attacking today from Jacob Toppin. Good game from Dontaie Allen, Jacob Toppin and Lance Ware, and Keion Brooks had a few big plays! Olivier Sarr played really good in the 2nd half. They basically carried us in that 1st half. Auburn turned the ball over alot and did shoot not so good too. 2nd Half both offenses did way better and we did better getting rebounds too. I loved the hustle from our guys and Olivier Sarr had a better half in the 2nd. Auburn started getting hot at the start of the half and the game started flowing faster and it was better to watch. Loved the 2nd half, it looked like a different game. Dontaie Allen should've played way more in the 2nd half after his nice first half. Kentucky went through a slow period with a few buckets every now and then, and Auburn was shooting way better. The first few minutes of the half was good and after that everything was slow for us, and that's why Dontaie should've played more in the 2nd. He's so important. Sarr started great in the 2nd half then he didn't play much either after that. Dontaie sat 12 minutes and came in with just under 8 minutes left. That all caused us to lose. We were struggling scoring and then started turning it over and Auburn was already doing good. Started off a fun 2nd half and after a few minutes it quickly turned bad, while Auburn played really good. It's crazy how the guys who need to play the most end up not playing enough. Basically I'm saying Cal's lineup management hasn't been good lately. The 3 bigs with BJ on the floor doesn't work and neededto play Allen more today. Not the best game for us and can't imagine if Auburn had a actually good 1st half how big the lead would've ended up. Loved that fight the last 4 minutes but it wasn't enough. Player of the game: Jacob Toppin

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