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Posted By Wyatt Huff 1 month ago

Kentucky loses again, this time to Georgia

The Cats lose to Georgia tonight on a last-second layup by Georgia, 63-62. Good game from BJ Boston finally. But he and the whole team couldn't hit threes. Offense down low was fine but we had trouble guarding their drives to the basket. It felt like we were lazy on offense that led to turnovers, which Georgia converted on. We had so much lazy turnovers from Devin Askew and also our struggle rebounding. Check the team stats with Points Off Turnovers because that was big in this game. Besides BJ and Keion, Isaiahhelpedthe last few minutes, we had Keion and Sarr with the huge momentum, and we played way harder in the 2nd, but this loss was terrible. Wow. Making the tourney is probably gone now but I'm not just quitting. Apparently, we need to at least win 9 of the remaining games to get above .500 on the season. Here's our remaining schedule: LSU at Alabama Texas At Missouri Tennessee Arkansas Auburn At Vanderbilt At Tennessee Texas A&M Florida At Ole Miss Whew...

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