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Posted By Wyatt Huff 1 month ago

Kentucky wins against LSU 82-69

The Cats win tonight against LSU 82-67 !!!! Great game tonight!! Offense was amazing scored alot especially that 1st half. Loved the team play. But, bad game by Devin Askew with his turnovers. I just loved seeing team Offense again. Defense was fine but Cam Thomas started to get hot at the end of the 1st half. Isaiah Jackson, Olivier Sarr and Lance Ware got in foul trouble early. The great thing was LSU struggled converting off our turnovers. Mostly pretty good defense today. It felt great to see our offense play as a team. They had confidence and were executing leading to scores. One particular stat that makes me happy is assists, something that we've obviously struggled with. Lots of assists, lots of 3's. BJ Boston played how he should and played like a star. Great game and great team basketball executed great. Player of the game: BJ Boston

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