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Posted By 💻 Carlos 💻 1 week ago

Share your Spotify Podcast Episodes Now!

You can now share a track, album, playlist, podcast show or podcast episode (**one at a time!**) here on Pypeline! Here's a cool podcast episode from **The Jboy Show**! https://open.spotify.com/episode/1liVVXYXlGipdrhzzv7Rrw?si=KqWn7TdvS1Ch21_gYTtJQQ This refers back to our new YouTube Unfurling tech (https://pypeline.co/forum/pypeline-development/topic/982) - please only one unfurl per post to keep things tidy 😎

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💻 Carlos 💻
1 week ago

Make sure to checkout Pypeline's podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/3IiHYV6QMSArWfKKP3psVX?si=6B0edi_wT7KhFeto6YPoGg