Four star QB Brevin White chooses …. Princeton

The Princeton Tigers picked up one of the best recruits that they have had in years with the commitment of four star QB Brevin White. White had offers from many P5 schools throughout the nation such as Tennessee, Washington, and Utah, but he decided to take his talents to one of the best academic schools in the nation. This is one of the only 4-star recruits that Princeton has ever gotten, and it is absolutely huge for their program.

The Tigers are consistently one of the best schools in the Ivy league conference, and with this addition we don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. We had the pleasure of meeting Brevin at The Opening in Oakland, and it was easy to tell that he had a good head on his shoulders. Among QB’s like Casey Thompson (Texas QB commit) he was still one of the best athletes in the group and had a cannon for an arm. He was able to make throws across the field look easy and despite being labeled a Pro-Style QB, he still had great mobility and escape-ability. While we expect for White to spend all four years before possibly going pro (because you don’t go to a school like Princeton without academics being on the forefront), we still see him as an NFL talent. He is a kid that people rally behind and those kinds of intangibles will only get stronger once he gets to New Jersey. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him.