Interesting 2020 Recruiting Tidbits by State

Now that the 2020 recruit cycle is in the rear-view, it’s time to take a look at interesting recruiting tidbits from various state around the country.


In the state of Alabama, the Crimson Tide landed 7 of the Top 10 in-state recruits. The Tide can land top recruits from anywhere in the country, but they also look to keep home grown talent home. By the AVG Recruit Ranking the Crimson Tide had the #1 class in 2020. As for Auburn, they only landed 2 of the Top 20 recruits in-state.


Eighteen of the top 19 recruits from the state of Arizona left the state. The other one didn’t sign. The Wildcats and Sun Devils have to do much better with in-state recruits.


The USC Trojans only signed 2 of the Top 30 recruits in the state of California, which led to an underwhelming class for the Trojans. The Cal Golden Bears only landed 2 of the Top 50 recruits in-state, and UCLA landed 0 of the Top 25 recruits from California.


The Top 5 Recruits in the state of Colorado all went out of state. With Mel Tucker now off to Michigan State, 2021 could be another swing & miss for the Buffs.


Nobody expects the UConn Huskies to land 4 or 5-star recruits. However, missing out on the Top 18 recruits in your state isn’t a good sign.

5⭐ WR Rakim Jarrett was a HUGE get for the Terps.

Coach Mike Locksley and the Terps shocked the nation when they landed 5⭐ WR Rakim Jarrett from St. Johns High School. However, Jarrett was the only commitment from the Top 30 recruits in the MD/DC area. Locksley is off to a good start in 2021, where he’s already landed a few in-state recruits.


The Bulldogs only landed 3 of the Top 25 recruits from Georgia, but still finished with the third best class by AVG Recruit Ranking. The fact is the Dawgs can pick and choose who they want from Georgia because they can land recruits from all over. The Yellow Jackets only landed one of the Top 30 recruits from Georgia in RB Jahmyr Gibbs. Expect GT and Coach Geoff Collins to improve on that number in 2021.


The Top 15 recruits from Hawaii all went out of state.


The Illini singed 0 kids from the state of Illinois in 2020 and had the second worst recruiting class in the Big Ten, only ahead of Rutgers. Lovie Smith improved on the field this season but he must improve recruiting in state.

4⭐ DL Logan Jones was a big in-state pick-up for the Hawkeyes.

The Hawkeyes and Cyclones both did a great job at keeping in state kids home. They both signed four of the Top 10 recruits in the state.


LSU signed 3 of the Top 5 recruits in the state in 2020. The Tigers have dominated the Top 5 in the state the last few years, landing players like Terrace Marshall, Ja’marr Chase, Derek Stingley, John Emery Jr, and Kardell Thomas.

New Jersey

The Top 15 recruits in the state of New Jersey all went out of state. Greg Schiano and Rutgers will change this over the next few years. Rutgers already has a commitment from the 10th best player in New Jersey for 2021.

North Carolina

The Tar Heels dominated the state in 2020 landing 5 of the Top 10 and 12 of the Top 30 recruits. UNC is off to another impressive start in 2021 as well. NC State landed 4 of the Top 25 in-state, including big time WR Porter Rooks. Duke only landed 1 of the Top 30 and Wake Forest landed 0 of the Top 30.

South Carolina

The Gamecocks signed 8 of the Top 11 players in-state and 4 of the Top 5. Clemson has gotten to the level where they’re getting recruits from all over, picking and choosing who they want in-state. This opens up the door for the Gamecocks to land some elite players. I’m not saying South Carolina can’t beat out Clemson for a top recruit in South Carolina, but Clemson is obviously passing over some good talent in the state. Clemson didn’t land any of the Top 15 recruits in South Carolina this season but still ended with the #2 class in the nation based on AVG Recruit Ranking.

4⭐ LB Martavius French helped bolster Tennessee’s in-state talent on the roster.

The Vols signed 6 of the Top 10 recruits in the state in 2020 and ended with the 15th best class by AVG Recruit Ranking. The Vols landed 4⭐ DE Tyler Baron, 4⭐ DT Omari Thomas, 4⭐ DB Keshawn Lawrence, 4⭐ OC Cooper Mays, 4⭐ LB Bryson Eason and 4⭐ LB Martavius French.


The Top 12 recruits in the state all left to play college football elsewhere. UVA signed 1 of the Top 15 while Virginia Tech signed none. The commonwealth is full of talent, and hopefully these recruits will start looking at the in-state schools more than they did in 2020.


The Badgers signed all of the Top 5 recruits in the state including two 4⭐ Offensive Linemen.