Is April too early for a Kinnick Stadium hype video? Iowa: Nah, bruh.

The Iowa Hawkeyes released a hype video/infomercial for Kinnick Stadium. And while spring is just now in bloom, if you’re a Hawkeye fan, you can’t help but be stoked to watch it.

Kinnick Stadium was the site of one of the most important games in college football last year, when the Hawkeyes pulled off the stunning up over the then 3rd ranked Michigan Wolverines 14-13. It was a game that not only had the whole stadium rocking, but was also a game that impressed recruits with Kinnick’s atmosphere. A wise man once said, “Shake what your mama gave you.” Apparently, that was the whole stadium that night in Hawkeye land.

So yeah, it’s only April. Is it too early to think about Iowa football? Not if you bleed black and gold.



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