Miami WR Tyquan Thornton announces Top 5

Florida deep-threat Tyquan Thornton announced his Top 5 schools, including two schools from his home state. The full list includes Florida, Miami, UGA, Pitt, and Baylor. Thornton may not have the four or five star rankings on the majority of recruiting sites, but his best days of football are definitely ahead of him. We’d highly advise against sleeping on him.

Tyquan is a tall lanky kid that will need to put on weight when he gets on campus. However, he possesses a frame that will make that easy. He already does a great job of fighting off defenders at the line of scrimmage, so the added weight will make him a dangerous deep threat. Thornton does an exceptional job of going up and getting the ball, which will be fun for any QB that he plays with. We expect to see him on SportsCenter’s Top Ten in the coming years with images of him “Mossing” a helpless defender.

At this point it is anybody’s ballgame in this recruitment, but it will be tough for any of the out of state schools to steal one from UF or The U. If either of these schools really step it up for Thornton, we believe that he is theirs. Miami has done a considerably good job at recruiting Booker T Washington, Thorton’s High School, and we think they continue that Pypeline.

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