Michigan to hire Jim McElwain because why the frick not?

Because apparently there wasn’t enough pressure already for this upcoming season, Michigan hired former Florida head coach and amateur marine biologist Jim McElwain. In what will be  Jim Harbaugh’s most critical year to date, the Wolverines are pushing all of their chips to the middle of the table.

It started with last year’s disappointing season, including losing their last three games. Then the Wolverines’ 2018 recruiting class was sub-par by their lofty standards, as they had their lowest ranked class since former coach Rich Rod was making terrible decisions on the sideline and torpedoing the program. Now, the Wolverines hire a guy who doesn’t necessarily fire up the fans with confidence.

The boys over at Maize ‘n Brew weighed in with their opinion. Let’s just say they would prefer to fall down a flight of stairs carrying an armful of cacti than have Jim McElwain on Michigan’s sideline:

In his 3 years as head coach, McElwain averaged an offensive ranking of 112th in yardage and 105th in points. YUCK!

Add in the Wolverines’ tough schedule and the spotlight will be brighter than ever on Jim Harbaugh and company. Should the offense sputter, the McElwain hire would be scrutinized. A lot will hinge on Ole Miss QB transfer Shea Patterson’s play. However, no matter what happens, there won’t be any excuses allowed. If the Wolverines’ season goes south, Jim Harbaugh could be out on the street, selling gently used khakis.