Minnesota Signs Daniel Faalele, Possibly the Biggest Human Ever

CFB_Daniel_Faalele High School Football: Daniel Faalele IMG Academy Portrait All Rights Reserved. ©Jeffery Salter 2017 Please contact Photographer Jeffery Salter (305) 773 6356 or Jeff@Jefferysalter.com for additional usage.

Live look at Daniel Faalele

If you’re Australian, 6’8″, and 395 lbs, chances are that you might receive a few more glances than the average person. If you’re all those things AND you play football, well, you’re probably going to get quite a few scholarship offers. That was exactly what happened with 3-star OT Daniel Faalele.

Faalele, originally from Melborne, plays for football powerhouse IMG Academy out of Bradenton, FL. Despite offers from the top ranked football programs in the country such as Alabama, FSU, LSU, Georgia, and Auburn, the Australian OT decided to play for the Fighting Boat Rowers of Minnesota.

Faalele had never played football before and was discovered by a recruiter from the University of Hawaii in a Melborne gym. So the sky is the limit for this raw 395 lb giant. Three hundred ninety-five pounds is a lot of human. For reference, that’s equivalent to approximately 40 house cats, 10 microwaves, 7 punching bags, 5 dishwashers, 4 toilets, or 395 1-lb weights. And if you’re a Golden Gopher fan, you have to be stoked at the thought of 40 house cats anchoring your offensive line for next four years.