NCAA Committee Reveals Top 16

Well… What better way to start off your week than yet another ranking for college basketball. Let’s dive in a bit.

Top 4: Virginia, Villanova, Xavier and Purdue

You had that way back in November as your front runners for the coveted #1 seeds, right? *wink, wink* It has been a crazy year in college basketball, which makes this year’s tournament that much more exciting. What is interesting is 3 out of 4 of these teams lost last week, so the likelihood of these four teams being the actual number 1 seeds come tourney time is highly unlikely.

Auburn at 5, Kansas at 6, and Michigan St at 11

 Seriously… not sure how Michigan St is that low, and Kansas (lost to Baylor) and Auburn (lost at home to Texas A&M) are ranked that much higher than Sparty. It makes you wonder if the committee was just too hungover to watch Saturday’s games.

Parity. Parity. Parity.

Xavier, Purdue, Clemson, Auburn, Texas Tech, and Tennessee are all having great years and debuting in this poll. Some of the traditional powers are in the top 16 (Duke, UNC, Michigan St, Kansas, Arizona) but there are some that are noticeably absent. No Kentucky. No UCLA. No Gonzaga. No Florida…. State.

This year’s tourney is going to be wild. It is a meaningless poll, but it does its job to get us hyped for the greatest three week stretch in all of sports.