Orange Roundie Roundup – ACC proposes horrible idea

In life, there are bad ideas. Like getting a checkerboard tattooed on your face, for example. Then there are really bad ideas, such as the one that the ACC proposed to the NCAA – expanding the field of 68 to 72.

The entire lunacy of the idea can easily be summed up by the fact they used the phrase the “two First Fours.” Lolwut? Not to mention, we should be going in the other direction, aka back to 64 teams, rather than adding teams. What is this, Oprah?

We understand that every conference wants to have as many teams as possible. However, do fans really want to watch double the games like we got between UCLA/St. Bonaventure during the First Four this year, aka Trashfest ’18? A game that featured a combined 40% shooting & 26 turnovers? A game that would’ve made Dr. James Naismith rue the day he was ever born? A game that made soccer seem exciting by comparison? We’ll take a hard pass.

If you want good bad ideas for college basketball, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list for you:

  • Ban Arizona head coach Sean Miller from wearing deodorant
  • Make Clemson play all of their home games at Chapel Hill
  • Grant Grayson Allen two more years of eligibility
  • Allow Bill Walton to do both play-by-play & color by himself in the same broadcast
  • Force UNC to forfeit any game in which Roy Williams uses the word “dadgum” in the post game press conference
  • Institute a recruiting ban on Virginia’s head coach Tony Bennett due to excessive “handsomeness”
  • Designate this guy to shoot all FTs for App St
  • Assess Syracuse a technical every time head coach Jim Boeheim is caught in “the act”

At the bare minimum, keep it at 68. If you want to do anything, cut it back to 64 teams. But for the love of humanity, don’t make us suffer through more meaningless, garbo games in March. Isn’t the rest of the country having to suffer through Duke threatening to make a deep run every tournament punishment enough already?

PS – Live look at Joey Brackets at the thought of expanding the field to 72 teams: