Pypeline Power 5 with Illinois commit 4-Star ATH Marquez Beason

Five football questions with 4-star ATH Marquez Beason out of Bishop Dunne in Texas.

1. After you de-committed from Nebraska a lot of recruiting experts had expected you to go to anywhere other than Illinois. Why did you choose to commit to Illinois?

“I committed to Illinois because I wanted to start my own legacy and take a program that has great history, back to winning B1G Ten and National Championships.”

2. What are you looking forward to most about coming back to Champaign on June 14-15?

“I’m just trying to get down there and ball with the 2018 class because I want to get a positive feeling with my teammates. Also, speaking about the 2018 guys and building relationships with the 2019 guys.”

3. I know you put these rumors to bed, but there are still people asking “are you still fully committed to Illinois?”

“I am 100 percent.. 1000 percent committed to the University of Illinois.”

4. In your opinion, what’s holding the Illinois football program from being on the same page as the Alabama’s and Ohio State’s of college football?

“Mainly just the experience. We played 23 freshman last year, so once we get the experience we’ll be there. You can quote me on this, Illinois is the next powerhouse in college football”.

5. What do you hope to accomplish during your time at Illinois? Both athletically and academically.

“I’d like to win four National Championships, a Heisman, the Fred Biletnikoff Award, make All-B1G Ten teams, and have a great time with my teammates. Academically, get my degree in 3 years, and hopefully be the face of the program.”

Five questions of getting to know Marquez Beason!

1. What is your go-to meal after a long practice?

“Depends if my aunt is cooking or not. I usually get a honey BBQ chicken sandwich with a power-aide and that usually hits the spot. If my aunt is cooking, probably going to ask her to make pasta.”

2. If you were an Avenger, who would you be?

“Spiderman because he has the webs and can fly.”

3. Who was your favorite football player growing up?

“Desean Jackson and Devin Hester.”

As a person who has worked with Devin Hester, do you think you might get the chance to meet him through Coach Lovie Smith?

“Hopefully I can meet him because that would be a dream come true. Always a possibility because as you said, he worked with Coach Lovie Smith so it’s always a possibility.”

4. Who are you closest to on the Illini football team?

“Ricky Smalling, Bennett Williams, Cam Thomas, Ravon Bonner, and Nate Hobbs.

5. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

“I’d give some to charity, help build homes for the homeless and provide them food and shelter. Then I would use the rest to buy my aunt and uncle a big house.”