Strange, but true – College football’s Week 4

With Week 4 of college football in the books, it’s time to take a look back at the weird and wonderful. The funny and flabbergasting. The amazing but accurate. The strange, but true.

Vandy is 0-56 all time vs the AP Top 5: Scientists say that’s not good

As the final seconds ticked off of Vanderbilt’s 66-38 loss to #4 LSU, that dropped the Commodores 0-3 on the season. But more, um, impressively, they fell to 0-56 all time vs teams ranked in the AP Top 5. Now, we didn’t necessarily major in math, but according to the abacus we just used, that’s a winning percentage of 0.000%. And unless some miracles happen, Vandy won’t have a chance to improve(???) on that record this year, as the only possibility left would be currently 9th ranked Florida, who would obviously need some help to get into the Top 5. But there’s always next year!

Tennessee have lost 31 straight vs the AP Top 10: Scientists say that’s also not good

Just when it seems like the bottom feeders of the SEC couldn’t get any more futile, bah gawd! That’s Tennessee’s music! Yes, the Vols (1-3) have had a terrible year so far. They’ve lost to Georgia St and BYU at home, to #9 Florida on the road, and beaten Chattanooga at home. (In your face Mocs fans!). And it was the latest 34-3 debacle against the Gators that dropped them to 0 for their last 31 vs the AP Top 10 teams. Strange, but true. However, take heart Vol fans! At least you’re not Vandy fans…yet.

Pitt scores a 2H touchdown: What is this sorcery?!?

When Pittsburgh pulled off the “Pitt Special” against UCF on 4th and goal with :59, it gave the Panthers the lead 35-34 for good. It was also Pitt’s 2nd TD of the half. And they needed every one of them to secure the victory. But moreover, the fact they scored a touchdown in the 2H at all was strange, but true. Because up until the game against UCF, dating back to last year, Pitt hadn’t scored a 2H touchdown in 6(!) games. During that stretch they had 36 drives and had managed just 3 FGs. Miraculously, they went 2-4 in that stretch. But it really makes you wonder if they should just run the #PittSpecial every single play. [insert three thinking emojis here]

Alabama wins 86th game in a row vs unranked opponents: Scientists say that’s good

Alabama’s 49-7 crushing of Southern Miss marked the 86th game in a row that the Tide had beaten an unranked opponent, extending their NCAA record. In fact, Bama hasn’t lost to an unranked opponent since way back in 2007, when they lost to ULM. That was so long ago that Herbert Hoover was still president, the microwave hadn’t been invented yet, and Nickelback was no longer cool. (Ok, ok. You caught us. That’s an exaggeration. Nickelback is still cool.) And depending on Texas A&M’s ranking (currently 23rd), the Tide will have 5-6 more chances to extend that record this season. But watch out for FCS Western Carolina in the 2nd to last game of the season! That could be where the streak ends. [insert one million laugh emojis here]