The college football offseason blues

“Long is the road and hard, that out of Hell leads up to the light.” – Paradise Lost, John Milton

As we reach the grim reality that the college football season is over, let’s have a looksee at some of the Offseason Storylinez (Note: yes, a little of us died by using ‘z’ at the end of “Storylinez,” but that’s what’s cool nowadays. That’s what’s hot in the Internet Streetz (omg, we did it again)).

Tua vs Jalen

We detailed Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa earlier, and it would seem that it’s his team now. What does that mean for Jalen Hurts, the guy Tua went to bat for on twitter:

Hurts has been nothing but classy throughout the entire ordeal. Would he consider transferring for an opportunity to play? Or would he stay in Tuscaloosa and ride it out? #ItWillBeInteresting

Jimbo Fisher skedaddling from Florida State

How will Fisher do with his new Aggie team? One major item of concern is that he has had trouble the last few years recruiting OL. That would rear its head very quickly against the defenses in the SEC. Something to keep an eye on. #ItWillBeInterestingWhat effect will the new early Signing Day have on the now second Signing Day?

No one could have predicted the impact of the newly instituted early Signing Day in December. Of the Top 300 recruits, 72% signed with their respective teams. Was that an anomaly or a sign of things to come? It certainly has allowed coaches to turn the page more quickly, as many are now already on to the 2019 class, because they have most of their recruits already signed and in place. #ItWillBeInteresting

Is it put up or shut up time for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan?

The offseason has gotten of to a bit of a rough start for Wolverine head coach Jim Harbaugh. And the natives are a bit restless. Currently sporting a 1-5 record vs rivals Michigan State and Ohio State and a 1-7 record vs Top 10 teams isn’t doing Harbaugh any favors. Yes, he lost more players than any coach in D1 last year, including 10 out of 11 defensive starters. And he had two major injuries at QB. But unfortunately, the internet mob is an unforgiving group of souls. He has to nail this offseason. #ItWillBeInteresting

While waiting for a job, will Jim McElwain kill time and go deep sea fishing this offseason?Dear heavens, no. No! No, no, no! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! #ItWillBeInteresting


Those are some of the Offseason Storylinez that we’ll be keeping an eye on. One thing is for sure: it will be interesting. #ItWillBeInteresting