The Pypeline Power 5 with 4-star WR Kevin Austin Jr

Five questions with 4-star WR Kevin Austin Jr out of North Broward Prep in Florida.

1. What was the tipping point for Notre Dame? What put them over the top for your commitment?

Really just the overall experience when I went. The academics and the football portion of Notre Dame. They really just had it all.

2. How do you see yourself in the Notre Dame offense, in terms of what you can bring to the table?

Really just my speed and my size. They want me to stretch the field, basically. Get the offense going. Not just with the running game, but with the passing game. They want to play me on the outside and the inside.

3. What was it like to have a Notre Dame legend like Golden Tate reach out to you during the recruiting process?

I was very honored that Golden Tate tweeted out to me. Especially what he said, it was really honoring, due to the fact that he’s been there and he’s done it. And he really didn’t have to. He really didn’t have to do that, you know? And it says a lot that he did. It was both exciting and humbling.

4. Are you taking all five of your official visits, specifically to schools other than Notre Dame?

I’m still trying to decide, if I want to take all of my official visits. Because, you know, talking with my coaches and my family, I’m being steered in different directions. The fact that going to other schools while I’m committed shows I’m unloyal, and I want to show that I’m loyal to Notre Dame. So I’m still contemplating that in my mind.

5. If you were a champion boxer or MMA fighter, what song would you want for your entrance music to your title bout?

A song that I would come it to…(laughs) this is really hard, actually. Because I listen to different types of music. It would have to be a Kodak song. Probably Kodak’s “Tunnel Vision.” That would be cool to walk out of the tunnel with that playing.