Top Florida Corner Travis Jay commits to the Seminoles

The Seminoles received some great news earlier in the week as 3-star Travis Jay announced his commitment to Florida State. Travis is one of the best cornerbacks in Florida in the 2019 class and his ranking will only rise. Since the beginning of 2018, Jay has started to reel in the offers from all over the nation, and his offer list is starting to outgrow his current ranking. Offers from Auburn, Miami, Tennessee, and UGA just to name a few. This proves that this kid will either rise in the rankings quickly, or if people continue to sleep on him, he will be one of our top “sleepers” in this years class. Travis is Florida State’s 5th commitment in the 2019 class and brings them up to #11 in the nation.

FSU fans and coaches are pumped to have this kid on board and they have taken to social media to let Jay know. Assistant coach Greg Frey let the nation know that the Noles just got better on twitter:

Former FSU great, Mario Edwards, did not hold back his excitement either:

This fan is ready to dub Travis an FSU great without him having stepping on campus. Although, with the Florida native’s measurables and intangibles it could come to fruition:

Or maybe he is the next Charlie Ward, and is an FSU great not only in football, but basketball as well:

This fan would love to see that happen:

FSU fans cannot wait until they see Travis Jay in a Noles uniform, and the reasons are obvious. Travis stands at about 6’0″ and 175 pounds and with a minimal amount of added weight, he will be ready to step on the field and compete for a spot almost immediately. His long reach allows him to guard almost anyone. He also possesses that thing that they call “Florida speed” which helps him recover on routes where he needs to make up ground. There is too much to like about this kid to not be excited if you are a Noles fan. They can’t wait to see him dress up in that FSU garnet and gold and terrorize the ACC.