Top WR Kearis Jackson Announces top 8

Kearis Jackson announced his Top 8 schools on Wednesday afternoon. The list includes Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Florida State. Jackson is a 6 foot, 205 pound speedster out of the talent loaded state of Georgia. He is not only one of the best players out of the Peach State but is a top 100 player in the nation for the 2018 class.

It is hard to ignore Alabama and Florida State in this race, but the Bulldogs are among the best in the nation in keeping top flight talent in-state. They have missed on a few of their top GA targets this year, but they won’t miss on all of them. UGA will certainly go all in on this stud athlete, as playing alongside Jackson will certainly attract some of their top QB targets for this class.

Kearis is a special kind of talent that can score anytime the ball is in his hands. He will need to be coached up a little bit, as his route running might be his only opportunity area. This is all teachable though. However, what you can’t teach is his quickness off the line and his ability to create separation between himself and defenders. Wherever Jackson winds up, he will certainly be a handful for secondaries and will put fear in the hearts of opposing defensive coordinators.